A little out of order, but the next few posts will provide some back story… Whenever I told friends and colleagues we were moving to Europe for a year with my job, everyone said something to the effect of “What a great opportunity…” Kind of like the refrain in The Devil Wears Prada – “A million girls would kill for this job.” In both cases true and pretty exasperating! First deciding to do it at all. Then figuring out how to address major concerns like the house, Charlie’s job, Enzo the Pug.Ready to go!

Just the disruption – packing the house, renting it, selling some vehicles that wouldn’t benefit by being stored for a year, attempting to arrange suitable living arrangements remotely (with a dog), deciding to move to places where you don’t know the language. In the end there’s no doubt that it’s a great opportunity and life experience, but it’s also a whole lot of stress and work getting there! To help decide if this would work out, I spent the month of July in Munich with some business trips. Read on.