Enzo Pics

A running set of snapshots of the boss.

About 4 months.About 17 months.About 6 months.About 10 months.About 11 months.


5 thoughts on “Enzo Pics”

  1. Rosemary Robles said:

    Enzo looks like a superstar with all the tourist taking photos of him on the pier. Looking forward to the next blog about the travels. In sounds like you might need to educate some people too. Next time take your sherpa bag and hide him in that and people won’t even know you have him in the bag.

  2. It’s a standard Puppia brand. We call it his Versace vest – coordinates very well when he’s visiting palaces.

  3. Julie Bonomo said:

    OK, where did you find that adorable vest on the bottom left photo? Enzo is too adorable!! Love those ears……does he fly? We flap Lexi’s ears and it really does look like she will take off. thank you for posting the photos.

  4. Miriam Burnett said:

    Where is that adorable red outfit you had him in yesterday when I saw you on the walk? It is worthy of going in this collection. What a handsome boss!!

  5. lina calia said:

    soooo cute. can’t wait for the calendar of him in the attire from each country that you visit 🙂


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