Until John’s butt is in a plane seat and the plane is in the air, anything can happen. Or not.

John headed to Munich this week. But nothing has been done. Although John did sell his motorcycle and car before he left. I like my motorcycle and car so I’m keeping them (what’s not to like: they’re in mint condition, paid-off and fully depreciated). Anyway, now I’ve got five weeks.

Five weeks. To pack up the house for storage and sort out what’s left for Sarah (a friend of 10 years who’s renting our house while we’re gone). Five weeks to wrap-up our American life and put it on hold for at least the next 12 months.

Five weeks to get the bathroom remodel started. Hopefully one of them will be functional when Sarah moves in.

And John has three weeks to find us a place to live in Munich. So far, none of them will take Enzo, which is a problem . . . no Enzo, no Two Guys And a Pug. Who wants to read about just two guys?