As we start to catch up with our timeline here, I’m back in Munich and it feel’s good to be back. Just in time for Octoberfest (that’ll be covered in another post). Unfortunately, Octoberfest means that the city is jammed with tourists and the hotels are crazy expensive. I had to stay in the suburbs for the first couple of days and still pay too much. The furnished flat doesn’t start for two more weeks but I was able to secure a corporate apartment in town. Again, crazy expensive for what it is because of the Octoberfest premium. This is like a junior studio with a micro-small efficiency kitchen – two burners and a faucet.Munich Opera house all dressed up.

It’s on the third floor and you enter from an outdoor walkway. Think of it like a highway Motel 6 on the Platz. It’s fully equipped, complete with indoor/outdoor carpeting, a small balcony overlooking the trash area and a mini grocery (like a German 7-11) on the ground floor. Seriously, I’m really happy it’s only two weeks. Moving in here was just like being back in college, setting up in some off-campus student housing where there’s no room to even swing a cat. Roller suitcase, duffel bag, hanging bag, Louis Vuitton Keepall. Although, I think I mostly used shopping bags back then – thankfully it’s not exactly the same thing as being in college again. Guy number two and Enzo the Pug arrive in about two weeks.

PS. I had the pleasure of meeting Steve Jobs about 20 years ago doing a demo during his NeXT period. His pure focus and intensity was a force of nature and his innovations will reach far and wide for some time to come. RIP Steve.