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Les Papilles Gourmandes

The Window of Les Papilles Gourmandes, Rue des Martyrs

As you walk up Rue des Martyrs you see the Basilica of Sacré-Coeur, perfectly framed by the trees, and on both sides are shops that just ooze French-ness.

There’s the shop selling all different kinds of honey and everything you need to eat it. There are the two wine shops, a couple of butchers, a great flower shop, fruit and vegetable stands, and all kinds of bakeries and cafés.

Then there’s the pâté shop. THE pâté shop.

The meat products are made in-house, on the other side of the partition next to the cash register. I want to ask for a sample of everything, but I only ask for a few ounces (or grams, it’s metric here) of two kinds. The pâtés can be light or heavy, sometimes rich, but always satisfying.

Think food afterglow.

Looking up Rue des Martyrs

Looking up Rue des Martyrs