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Waiting to get in to the wine fair

Enzo preferred water to wine, but walked through the fair anyway

Six weeks before returning to the United States we took a road trip of the south of France. We started with a train ride from Paris to the city of Bordeaux.

Bordeaux is similar to Paris. It’s beautiful, but smaller, with wider streets and sidewalks, and parking.

The next day we rented a car and drove into the vineyards. We come from northern California, where a trip into the Sonoma and Napa valleys is a simple day trip. So we were interested to see how different the vineyards of Bordeaux would be.

Instead of seeing many wine makers with fancy tasting rooms (like Napa and Sonoma), we saw endless vineyards with the occasional enormous châteaux. The tasting rooms are open by appointment, and if you’re visiting at the beginning of harvest or crush the tasting rooms are closed.

We saw signs for a wine maker’s fair on some of the roads. With no tasting rooms to visit we decided to find the fair. There were all kinds of local wines, food, and a local band. One of the food sellers was making home-made French fries cooked in duck fat. A true delicacy!

Waiting at Paris train station

Waiting at the Paris train station for the Bordeaux train

Wine glass jewelry

After paying the cheap admission price, you get a wine glass to wear around your neck

Bordeaux wine maker's fair

Bordeaux wine maker’s fair, with lots of wine and food

A local band plays at a wine maker's fair in Bordeaux

A local band plays at a wine maker’s fair in Bordeaux

"Canard gras" = Delicious!

“Canard gras” = Delicious!

Wine fair food and wine

Home made paella with french fries cooked in duck fat and a glass of white bordeaux