I work for a great company that’s made this adventure possible, and it’s a very interesting situation. I will continue to do my US job from nine hours away, while working with different sales and marketing groups on projects throughout EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa). So I’ll be working with people in local time and in the evenings I’ll be remote on email, conference calls, video calls, etc. Really, more like an extended business trip.

So, I spent five weeks in Europe over July to see if this time shifting and work shifting to the extreme will work for my reports and myself. It does, but time management will definitely be key. And if I was just going to an office and back to a hotel for five weeks – that would be much too easy. I decided to really challenge myself – I was basically a nomad with no home base at all.

Work and play from anywhere and everywhere, all the time. In this case, I was in 11 different hotel rooms, using planes, trains, boats and automobiles in Holland, Germany, Switzerland and Russia. And I can tell you it’s really a drag when you’re driving into Switzerland and the Nav system in the car stops because it only has a German map! Like really, is that even possible? Google Maps on an iPhone can literally be a travel lifesaver.