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Germany really is an underrated and overlooked place to travel to and vacation in. I’ve been here a number of times for work and holiday over the last few years and the people are great, getting around speaking English is really pretty easy and there’s plenty to see and do from the Bavarian Alps to the Baltic Sea. And one of the best parts for anyone who likes to drive is The Autobahn. Yes, I capitalize it because it’s special. It’s silky smooth pavement and drivers that are trained to drive on it as a privilege, not a right open to anyone with a car.

For drivers, The Autobahn is a slice of heaven here on earth. While many sections have speed limits, or at least advisory limits, the parts that are still 130+ km/h (80 mph+) are pure exhilaration. It does get a little tiring and stressful clipping along at maybe 200 km/h (124 mph) – possibly twice as fast as the cars in the lane next to you – but it’s way better than being stuck behind drivers on their cell phone driving like they’re drunk or left-lane hogs that were never taught to move aside or are too arrogant or oblivious to care. German drivers even use turn signals regularly – imagine that!The Pearly Gates

Unlike in America, when driving on the Autobahn you’re only in the left lane to pass. I repeat, only to pass. If you’re in the left lane and you see lights coming up in your mirror, move to the right ASAP or run the risk of becoming a hood ornament. The pure joy is made even better by German radio stations spinning an eclectic mix of Europop, English songs covered in German and old and new American pop. You’re cruising along and the Bon Jovi classic “It’s My Life” comes on. So you turn it up and muse on whether it would be “Ist mein Leben” or “Es ist mein Leben”.