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Enzo And A Horse

Enzo having a conversation with a horse in Munich's Englischer Garten

It’s the announcement you hear in the Munich subway before the doors close. Please remain back.

We’re sort of remaining back and thinking about what we’ll miss when we leave Munich.

We liked Munich more than we expected. It’s clean, the parks are beautiful, it’s super friendly for dogs, and it’s safe. And some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet.

Enzo will miss going to restaurants, shopping, and riding the subway. He’s mastered the escalators. He’ll really miss being off-leash in the parks. The dogs in Munich are so laid back, and now Enzo is, too. He came into his own in Munich.

We’ll miss the beer. Augustiner, would you please start exporting to the United States? Now?

The pretzels and the sausages, served in the beer gardens.

Six short months in Munich. But for the sake of King and Country we must go.

So the car is packed, and the boxes are shipped. Enzo’s got his travel gear on. We’re off to Paris.

But we’re not just driving straight to Paris.